See the Sector 7 Monster in All of its Snarling Glory

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To make a good monster nowadays, you have to do one of two things … either show the audience something it hasn’t seen before or throw a guy in a rubber suit and have him stomp a city. Sector 7 opts to bring us a new creature that looks kind of like what you’d get if Leviathan starting mating with lobsters.

SECTOR 7 is a joint production of CJ E&M Pictures and JK Film, the production company of director Youn Je-kyun which was previously responsible for HAEUNDAE (해운대, released in the US as TIDAL WAVE), the 2009 box office smash in Korea. The film is about a group of workers on a deep sea oil prospecting platform called ‘Eclipse’, located south of Jeju Island, who struggle against a hostile undersea creature.

The lead character Cha Hae-joon (Ha Ji-won) is the marine equipment manager for the rig. Shortly before the Eclipse is to be shut down, new captain Jeong-man (Ahn Seong-gi) suggests conducting one last drilling operation. During the procedure, a new recruit sinks to the bottom of the sea when his equipment fails. Shortly thereafter, crew members begin to turn up dead, one by one, their bodies viciously mutilated.

The few remaining survivors soon discover a transparent underwater creature they encountered once before has infiltrated the ship through the drilling pipe and been feeding on the crew. Now Cha Hae-joon and her colleagues find themselves in a frantic fight for their very survival.

For more visit the official Sector 7 website (although be forewarned it is in Korean).

See the Sector 7 Monster in All of its Snarling Glory

See the Sector 7 Monster in All of its Snarling Glory

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