Exclusive: Lex the Hex Master Lays Some Horror Rhymes on Beyond Redemption


We cover a lot of rock, metal, and synth when it comes to the music aspect of the horror lifestyle but I think it’s totally fair to show that our genre has a very firm spot in the heart of hip hop. To that end, we’re premiering rapper Lex the Hex Master’s video for his new track “Beyond Redemption”, which you can watch below.

Lex tells us, “I believe the song “Beyond Redemption” captures the tone and atmosphere of the entire album. I decided to open the record with this track to show people how dark it’s really about to get.

Director Kellyanne Bujold adds to that, telling Dread Central, “Beyond Redemption is such a powerful song, asking for forgiveness for things done in ones past. Bringing in elements to the video like being in the church, having a scewd perspective of people who would be in a church. For example parishioners who have gone on to the next life, a different more creepy view of a nun, all added to the imagery and I really think it suited the whole video.

“Beyond Redemption” can be purchased online through various platforms right here.

Lex the Hex Master online:
Official Website

Tour Dates:
10/31/17- Pops – Sauget IL for Twiztid’s Fright Fest
12/31/17- The Agora – Cleveland, OH for Twiztid’s New Years Evil 10



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