Exclusive: The Sinking City Team Uses These Unsettling Sculptures to “Get in the Mood”


A few months ago, we posted an update about Frogware’s The Sinking City, a 3rd person investigative horror game that takes inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes.

The game will be set in, “…the fictional city of 1920’s Oakmont, Massachusetts. The city, a wide open-world overflowing with insanity, is being taken over by an unfathomable supernatural force. Players will have to find out what has taken control of the city and the minds of the people within it.

To create the right kind of atmosphere not just in the game but in the studio as well, the Frogware team has created several beautiful yet eerie sculptures that bring the world of Oakmont to life. We’ve been sent photos of these sculptures by Frogware’s Michal Napora, including two that we get to premiere! The first of these is of a shark that seems to be mutated with an octopus and features bones (fins?) coming from places that they shouldn’t be. The second photo we’re premiering is a bust of a man whose eyes seem strangely fishlike…

The other sculptures are nothing short of gruesomely and morbidly fascinating. It’s obvious that Rob Bottin’s work on The Thing played a heavy influence here as well as the works of Clive Barker and, obviously, Lovecraft. These sculptures are the stuff of nightmares and you damn well better believe that I’d put one on my shelf to spook any unsuspecting visitor!

Napora told Dread Central that these are photos, “…of sculptures that our concept artist Marina Orlova made. They are all hand-made and they depict our concept pieces that we have of The Sinking City. Instead of just having images of our game, we now have real-life objects that we can look at. It helps us get in the mood!

You can see these sculptures below.

The Sinking City is currently in production and plans are to see it hit PC and consoles sometime in 2018. We’ll hopefully have more information for you about it soon!



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