Exclusive: Can’t Take It Back Clip Proves My Fear of Pencils Correct


Coming tomorrow to Shudder is Can’t Take It Back, the supernatural horror film from director Tim Shechmeister (Viral, Day 13). Essentially an anti-bully PSA, the film follows a group of students who leaves hateful comments on the page of a fellow pupil who recently committed suicide. Afterwards, they begin suffering terrible fates and realize that some “jokes” can be taken too far.

Below is an exclusive clip from the film in which the main character Amber is taking a test only to see something strange in one of the questions. Turning to her classmates, she is suddenly attacked by them, each one piercing her with their pencils in a vicious assault. Or is it?

Can’t Take It Back stars Meredith Foster, Ana Coto, Logan Paul, Noah Centineo, and Ivanna Sakhno.

When two high school girls decide it would be funny to post hateful comments on the Facebook page of a classmate who committed suicide, they soon learn what it means to take a joke too far. Can’t Take It Back mixes classic urban legend with new school social media anxiety.

canttakeitbackposter - Exclusive: Can't Take It Back Clip Proves My Fear of Pencils Correct



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