Scandroid Covers Michael Jackson’s Thriller


It’s Halloween season, which means Michael Jackson’s classic song “Thriller” is getting played left, right, and center. While I recognize that the track is timeless, I won’t lie…sometimes I get a little sick of hearing it over and over and over and over again. So what’s a guy supposed to do when he loves the idea of the song but doesn’t want to hear the actual song itself? Simple: find a good cover.

Enter Scandroid, the musical side project of Klayton (aka Celldweller), who today have released a synthwave cover of Jackson’s Halloween favorite. Moving from funk to 80’s laser-fueled electronica, Scandroid’s “Thriller” is perfect for all of you who want to hear the song for the first time again!

I knew when I started the album (Monochrome) that I wanted to do a Halloween-related track. It only took me 1/4 of a second to conclude this would be my perfect chance to cover a track I loved during the 80s. I probably watched the ‘Thriller’ music video 100+ times on my parents VCR after I recorded it from MTV,” he explains.

The song appears on Scandroid’s upcoming sophomore album Monochrome, which comes out October 27th.

If you want to buy the song, you can do so through multiple platforms right here. You can also stream the track on Spotify.



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