Introducing – Dread Central Presents!


Behind the scenes here at Dread Central HQ we’ve been working on a lot of things, some of which we can share and some we can’t… but all of which is good news that’s going to spell great things for you guys. The cat’s out of the bag on one of them as Deadline is reporting that Epic Pictures is looking to take a horrific turn, with the company’s bosses Shaked Berenson and Patrick Ewald unveiling plans to launch a horror-centric Dread Central Presents label.

Former senior editor and Fangoria Magazine contributor Robert Galluzzo is set to head the venture, which comes after Epic Pictures earlier this year acquired Dread Central Media, a horror news and lifestyle site.

Epic finances, produces, and distributes films from all genres and plans to transition its horror films to the new Dread Central Presents label. The plan is to acquire an additional 12 to 24 genre films per year that will appeal to horror fans.

Galluzzo will curate the slate of films alongside Dread Central co-founders Steve Barton and Jon Condit, as well as Dread Central’s film reviewers. The films will be released through Epic Pictures’ distribution channels that include the traditional 90-day theatrical window. The first slate of films will be announced ahead of next month’s American Film Market.

What we’re building with the Dread Central Presents label is a series of diverse horror films that appeal to every genre fan. Whether it’s a Gothic horror feature or an ’80s ‘slasher’ throwback or an offbeat foreign film, you’ll never know quite what to expect each month,” says Galluzzo. “But you can rest assured it will be cool and the sort of movies that instigate conversation among genre fans. My favorite thing to do is discover a horror gem and then share it with all my friends. We’re doing that on a much bigger scale now, and that’s exciting.

Stay tuned, guys! The best is yet to come!



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