Fans Create Petition to Renew Ash vs Evil Dead For Seasons 4 & 5

As some of you may know, the second season of Starz’s “Ash vs Evil Dead” was announced before the first season even aired. The same is true of the upcoming third season.

But it seems, however popular the show is among horror fans, a fourth (or fifth) season may not be in the cards.

That said a group of fans has already set up a petition over at to save “Ash vs Evil Dead” and they need your help!

You can find the petition’s full rundown below and the link to provide your own John Hancock. Give it a look.

Petition rundown:

We need your help get Ash vs Evil Dead renewed for Season 4.

Before the original premiere of the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead, us, primitive screw heads, had been waiting for the return of Bruce Campbell’s ‘Groovy’ Ash J. Williams for some 20 odd years. And now that it’s here, It is everything we could have hoped for and more! Thank STARZ! However, that being said, STARZ recently changed the AvED premiere date of it’s new season from it’s usual October time-slot to that of February 2018 while also keeping rather quiet on all things AvED – making us fans a little nervous, y’see. So, this petition is to show STARZ that there is still a HUGE fan base supporting STARZ and AvED’s broadcasting. All we want is to see STARZ, Bruce, Sam and Rob wrap up the iconic Evil Dead franchise, well, iconically! And the way to do that is with 2 more seasons!

Don’t forget to share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media! Hail to the King, Baby!

Sign today right HERE!

From the Press Release:
Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead, “Burn Notice”) leads the cast, reprising the role of Ash Williams; Lucy Lawless (“Salem,” “Spartacus”) as Ruby, devises her most diabolical plan to defeat Ash and raise hell on earth; Ray Santiago (“Touch,” Meet the Fockers) as Pablo Simon Bolivar, forever loyal to Jefe (Ash) will realize his true destiny in the battle against evil; and Dana DeLorenzo (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas) as Kelly Maxwell, whose single goal is to kill Ruby and end the Evil Dead torment once and for all.

New to the cast for Season 3 are Arielle Carver-O’Neill (“House Husbands”) as Brandy Barr, Ash’s long-lost daughter left in his care when her mother meets an untimely demise, and Lindsay Farris (“Home and Away,” Primal) as Dalton, leader of an ancient order called the Knights of Sumeria, who seek Ash to lead their fight against The Dark Ones. Lee Majors (“The Six Million Dollar Man”) returns as Brock Williams to warn Ash from beyond the grave.

Sam Raimi serves as Executive Producer with Rob Tapert (Evil Dead, “Spartacus,” “Xena: Warrior Princess”), Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, “Burn Notice”), Ivan Raimi (Drag Me To Hell, Spider-Man 3), and Rick Jacobson (“Spartacus”). Mark Verheiden (“Battlestar Galactica,” “Daredevil”) serves as Executive Producer / Showrunner. Ian Williams (“Power”) serves as Co-Producer and Moira Grant (“Spartacus”) serves as Producer.

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Written by Mike Sprague

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