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Troll remake details!I’m sorry, I love the man’s work as much as the next guy, but how did John Carl Buechler manage to get the kind of budget to remake his 1986 film Troll on the scale of The Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia?

Odd as that may seem, such is the case according to an official press release for the Troll remake that landed in the laps of the Bloody Disgusting lads today. In it, Buechler says he wants to make a movie that his kids can watch, something with just the right amount of fantasy and adventure to appeal to the 7-year old in all of us.

The original Troll is actually quite underrated for the most part, but that will likely change as production on the remake ramps up.

Buechler will be utilizing the same special effects talents he had on the first film, though they now have over 20 years of extra experience to draw from so it’ll be that much cooler looking, plus he has thoughts of bringing some of the original’s cast back for cameos. Be sure to click on the B-D link above to read the whole press release and wonder, seriously, how this has come about.

Johnny Butane

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