Exclusive: Venture into Mac Quayle’s Mr. Robot Score With This Track Premiere


With all the fear of technology and the uncertainty of how to remain safe using it, USA Network’s “Mr. Robot” feels all to real and terrifying at the moment. Brilliantly realized, the show almost presents as a haunting documentary of mental illness, drug abuse, and a strange mixture of phobia and almost erotic love of technology. We want to celebrate the upcoming 3rd season premiere by focusing on something else related to the show: its music.

Hauntingly and wonderfully composed by Mac Quayle, Lakeshore Records will be putting out the second of two volumes from the 2nd season and we’re here to premiere the track “2.9_5 – Pyth0n.sln”, which is a pounding, sinister offering of dark electronica. It’s the kind of music that is meant to evoke a sense of unease, paranoia and unsettling eeriness. The heavy percussion only adds to the sensation that someone – or something – is chasing you, pursuing your every step and breathing down your neck.

If the first season of ‘Mr. Robot’ took us into Elliot’s mind, the second season drew us deeper into his subconscious. As we learned, it’s pretty dark in there and so naturally the music followed suit. Darker, weirder, more dissonant, more paranoid,” Quayle explains.

He concludes, “To round out the sound I created some beat-driven electro tracks that had me jumping around the studio during the composing process. Once it was all done, it became clear to me that the Mr. Robot rabbit hole goes way deeper than I ever imagined.

Lakeshore will be releasing the album digitally on Friday, October 13th. A vinyl release will be done later this year with Lakeshore and Invada Records teaming up.



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