New Things Clip is Brutal, Ghastly, and Horrible!

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Unless you’re living under a rock right now, and lord knows many of the people who dig this flick do, you’re officially aware that the 1989 Canadian gorefest starring Amber Lynn and Barry J. Gillis, Things, will be resurrected from its VHS roots and reborn on DVD on July 12th.

To celebrate its coming we’ve got a clip that offers proof positive as to why you need to own this flick like yesterday! Dig it!

From the Press Release
In 1989 it became the first Canadian shot-on-Super 8 gore shocker commercially released on VHS. Today it remains perhaps the most bizarre, depraved and mind-boggling chunk of ‘Canuxploitaion’ ever unleashed upon humanity. Adult film superstar Amber Lynn and co-writer/producer Barry J. Gillis star in this surreal saga about two friends who visit a remote cabin, only to discover a womb of monstrous horror that demands graphic dismemberment. It’s an inexplicable orgy of eye ripping, beer guzzling, boob baring, skull drilling, sandwich making, chain sawing, bad acting and post-sync dubbing from co-writer/producer/director Andrew Jordan that has spawned its own disturbing cult of fans. Some will be repulsed. Others may be transformed forever. But you have never seen anything like Things.

Bonus Features include:

  • Audio Commentary With Director Andrew Jordan And Stars Barry J. Gillis, Jan W. Pachul And Doug Bunston
  • Audio Viewing Party With The Cinefamily
  • Testimonials On Things: All-New Interviews With Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Jason Eisener and Rob Cotterill (Hobo With A Shotgun), Creator Paul Corupe, Joseph A. Ziemba And Dan Budnik Of Bleeding Skull, And More!
  • Things 20th Anniversary Cast And Crew Reunion
  • Behind The Scenes With Star Amber Lynn
  • Vintage Barry J. Gillis TV Appearances
  • Original Trailers

    THINGS Clip: BRUTAL! GHASTLY! HORRIBLE! from Intervision Picture Corp. on Vimeo.

    THINGS (1989) Trailer from Intervision Picture Corp. on Vimeo.

    ithings - New Things Clip is Brutal, Ghastly, and Horrible!

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