PollyGrind Film Festival Submission Deadline Looming; Prizes Announced for 2011 Competition

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Hey, indie filmmakers out there, do you have a finished film that skews toward the unconventional side of the horror genre? Well then, the PollyGrind Film Festival in Las Vegas may be right up your filmmaking alley.

PollyGrind Film Festival Submission Deadline Looming; Prizes Announced for 2011 CompetitionThe independent film festival which celebrates the best in underground genre movies is shaping up to have quite a year, and if you were considering whether or not you should submit your film in 2011, then you’ll definitely want to read on to hear more about what PollyGrind mastermind Chad Clinton Freeman has cooked up in the way of prizes for this year’s winning entries.

From the Press Release:
He’s been promising the second year of his PollyGrind Film Festival in Las Vegas is going to be bigger and better than its first, and with the announcement of festival prizes, filmmaker and promoter Chad Clinton Freeman (Killer Biker Chicks, Johnny Reaper, and Gingerdead Man 3D: Saturday Night Cleaver) looks to be on his way to keeping that promise.

The international event, dubbed Las Vegas’ premiere underground film festival, will not only be giving away close to $10,000 in software prizes from Sony Creative, Final Draft and Red Giant Software but also deluxe sub-distribution packages from Apprehensive Films, arthouse distribution contracts from venue host theatre7 and DVD distribution from Breaking Glass Pictures.

Both the top jury award winner and the top audience award winner will receive DVD contracts with Vicious Circle Films, a specialty label with Breaking Glass Pictures. With a growing catalogue of nearly 100 titles including Cropsey, Someone’s Knocking at the Door, Ticked Off Trannies with Knives, and Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!, Breaking Glass Pictures is an East Coast-based film distribution company that formed in 2009 and features an international sales division.

“I’m super excited about this partnership,” said Freeman, who has been called the “new champion of unabashed B-movie sleaze” by ArrowInTheHead.com. “Like PollyGrind, Breaking Glass Pictures is about boldly going where others don’t. The same can be said for theatre7 and a number of our other sponsors.”

PollyGrind gave out more than 20 awards last year and will give out at least that many this year, including Best Use of Nudity/Sexuality, Best Use of Violence/Gore, Best Use of Music, The Most Outrageous and The Most Creative.

“More than half of the features we screened last year received DVD distribution, and that list grows almost every day,” Freeman said, noting the August 9 release of Alex Pucci’s Frat House Massacre by Synapse Films as the most recent. “This year PollyGrind will feature even more films, and we’re going to help expose all of these great indie works to an even bigger audience than we were able to last year.”

The second and third place films, as ranked by the festival’s jury, will receive deluxe sub-distribution packages from Apprehensive Films (Amputee with an Axe, Bad Girls Go to Hell, Hardware Wars, Last Stop on 13th Street).

“PollyGrind is going to end up being the key festival for indie cult filmmakers to land distribution deals,” said Jonathan Morken of Apprehensive Films, the company with the slogan “We Produce & Distribute Films of Questionable Taste.” The packages from Apprehensive will help get the winners’ films listed on Amazon.com and on more than 30 of the top video on demand providers including iTunes, Amazon VOD, Netflix and more. Additionally, the films will be eligible for Wal-Mart sales and will be submitted to the top 5,000 video retailers and wholesale distributors, including Best Buy, Blockbuster, Columbia House, Target and many more.

“Aside from Breaking Glass Pictures and Apprehensive Films, Wild Eye Releasing has shown an interest in this year’s PollyGrind,” Freeman said. “The company, known for releasing controversial and groundbreaking films such as Night of the Living Dead Reanimated, Gothkill, Blitzkrieg: The Escape from Stalag 69, and Bill Zebub’s Dolla Morte, has recently signed on as a sponsor.”

PollyGrind is an annual underground film festival that considers any and all independently produced and non-distributed movies that are slightly off kilter. Taking place October 7-16, the PollyGrind Film Festival’s aim is to celebrate individuality, diversity, creativity and empowerment by showcasing the work of filmmakers with defiantly independent visions. The festival consists of programming in the tradition of grindhouse theaters with double features, bookended by trailers and music videos. The event welcomes, but is not limited to, horror, gore, sci-fi, fantasy, exploitation, sexploitation, arthouse, cult, experimental, dark, creepy and campy features.

PollyGrind Film Festival Submission Deadline Looming; Prizes Announced for 2011 Competition

Submissions for the 2011 season are being accepted through the official PollyGrind website until July 13.

For fans who may not be able to make it out to the festival, Breaking Glass Pictures has cooked up something fun for fans- you can now order some of the great previous PollyGrind entries at their website, and when you enter the promo code “pollygrind” at the checkout, you’ll receive not only free shipping but $7 off every DVD, which is a sweet deal for you indie horror fans out there!

Look for more on the 2011 PollyGrind Film Festival soon!

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