Get Ready to Go Behind the Horror (Detrás del Horror)

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When it comes to the language of film, if there’s one thing that is universally understood, it’s the sound of someone screaming in terror. You get that and a bit more in the latest foreign cinéma vérité style import, Behind the Horror (Detrás del Horror). Read on for more.

Details are on the scant side, but we do know that Behind the Horror comes to us from director Diego Adrián de Llano and stars Pablo Silveira, Camila García, Julieta Paladino, Sebastian Costa, and Celeste Casartelli.

As you’ll see from the trailer, the flick tells the tale of several friends who head out into the woods to make a film when something goes horribly awry. Look for more on this one soon.

behindhorror - Get Ready to Go Behind the Horror (Detrás del Horror)

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