Watch the First Episode of American Murder Song Presents: The Black Wagon


A couple of months ago we alerted you that Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman’s The Donner Party Reunion Tour is kicking off in October, and now we’re back with an update on that along with a look at the first episode of the duo’s spooky new video series, American Murder Song Presents: The Black Wagon.

From the Press Release:
In 1846, a hungry, hungry party of American pioneers were stranded for a winter in the Sierra Nevada mountains. What followed was madness, murder… and some good eatin’. Over 150 years later, the plight of those culinary trailblazers has inspired cult film composers Terrance Zdunich (Repo! The Genetic Opera) and Saar Hendelman (The Devil’s Carnival franchise) to cook up a tasty new video series and interactive touring event The Donner Party Reunion Tour.

During American Murder Song’s debut year, Terrance and Saar invited listeners to indulge in a series of bloody tales, ballads, and music videos that featured killers pushing west in the young America of 1816. Now, inspired by 1960’s television spook shows, the genre-defying duo has imagined the one and only true retelling of The Donner Party experience via the lens of their own fictional “Twilight Zone”-style show: THE BLACK WAGON.

Don’t touch that dial. Witness the first episode of American Murder Song Presents: The Black Wagon, directed by Jake Akuna.

This Halloween season, Terrance and Saar are taking to the road with sets, costumes, and a ragtag crew of performers to create an historical, musical reenactment of cannibalistic proportions. Climb aboard The Black Wagon and experience the songs, sets, and human snacks live on The Donner Party Reunion Tour.

All tour stops feature meet and greet opportunities with Terrance and Saar, and all tickets come with a free download of their new The Donner Party album. To purchase a digital download of The Donner Party or to order tickets to The Donner Party Reunion Tour today, visit: But hurry – tickets are going fast and are already sold out in some cities.



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