The Unnamable, Dark Side of the Moon, and Nightwish getting Unearthed onto Blu-Ray

With so many cult movie titles getting blu-ray announcements of late it stands to reason a few might almost fall through the cracks. Like the other night when I asked on Twitter if the rights to The Unnamable were in legal limbo since its sequel had been released to DVD but never the original; low and behold, one of the first responses I got pointed out that Unearthed Films had just announced it (and two other late Eighties) titles for blu-ray release.

Unearthed Films has been around for over a decade and during that time they have mainly focused on distributing new independent horror films. Until now, Frankenhooker and the early 80’s sci-fi animated feature Rock & Rule had been the only real name titles from the past they had released. Now, with the cult blu-ray market, Unearthed Films is looking cash in with an upcoming “classics” line they rather quietly unveiled last week with the announcement of the first three titles.

TheUnnamable 200x300 - The Unnamable, Dark Side of the Moon, and Nightwish getting Unearthed onto Blu-Ray

The most noteworthy of the trio being the 1988 Lovecraft-inspired monster movie The Unnamable. Jean-Paul Ouellette’s adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft story is not too shabby for a movie written in a week and shot in only three more. The film also boasts what I’ve always thought was one of the better movie monsters of the Eighties.

Charles Klausmeyer, Mark Kinsey Stephenson, Alexandra Durrell, and Laura Albert star as Miskatonic University students that make the grave mistake of following up on a local haunted house legend by breaking into a dark, old manor that turns out to be home to a hideous she-creature locked away in a vault for over a century.

Rumor is Unearthed Films may also be planning to release its sequel, The Unnamable II: The Statement of Randolph Carter. If so, that’s an announcement for another day.

Nightwish 162x300 - The Unnamable, Dark Side of the Moon, and Nightwish getting Unearthed onto Blu-Ray

Also announced is one I have never actually seen before: Bruce R. Cook’s trippy 1989 chiller Nightwish, about a professor and four graduate students who journey to a crumbling mansion to investigate paranormal activity and must battle ghosts, aliens and satanic entities.

This one stars perennial bad guy character actor Brian Thompson and Eighties scream queen Elizabeth Kaitan.

Lastly, the 1990 direct-to-video sci-fi horror movie Dark Side of the Moon, which one could almost describe as Event Horizon before there was an Event Horizon.

It is the year 2022. A mysterious systems failure causes the crew of a spaceship to be stranded on the dark side of the moon, while rapidly running out of fuel and oxygen. They are surprised to discover a NASA space shuttle floating in space, and board it in the hope of salvaging some supplies. One by one, the crew is possessed and killed, and it is up to Paxton Warner to find the links between the dark side of the moon, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Devil himself.

Robert Sampson, Joe Turkel, Alan Blumenfield, and Camilla More (AKA twin “Tina” from Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter).

Dark Side of the Moon was the only feature by music video director D.J. Webster, but the movie’s screenwriters, Chad & Carey Hayes, would go on to write a couple of movies you’ve heard. You’ve heard of The Conjuring, right?

Extras and release dates to come.

DarkSideMoon - The Unnamable, Dark Side of the Moon, and Nightwish getting Unearthed onto Blu-Ray

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