ripper tour 1 - New Short Takes The Ripper Tour

New Short Takes The Ripper Tour

Known for her roles in classic genre films such as I Drink Your Blood, The Crazies, Shivers, and Cat People, Lynn Lowry will soon be appearing in the short Ripper Tour, which is currently fundraising on Indiegogo. She plays an American tourist named Jacqueline Butcher who discovers that she has a supernatural connection with some of the darker and more sinister parts of London. Dudley Sutton as will star as Jack the Ripper, with Charlotte Mounter and Christopher Walker also making appearances.

Ripper Tour will be directed by Jason Read and produced by his frequent collaborator Stuart Morriss. Their previous films include Frankula (buy) and the upcoming Bad Friday, which will soon be hitting the festival circuit. Both star a plethora of cult actors and definitely worth checking out.

Ripper Tour is the new Horror short film from Robo Films and Misty Moon starring Hollywood and Horror Legend Lynn Lowry and British National Treasure Dudley Sutton. We are offering spectacular perks including a cameo in the film, an actual “Ripper Tour”, and a chance to be a judge at this year’s Misty Moon International Film Festival, plus signed posters and DVDs. We really want you all to get involved and be part of this very special project that focuses on a true murderous legend.

Ripper Tour is the story of an American tourist, Jacqueline Butcher, who decides to take in some of London’s East End history and finds that she herself has a supernatural connection with its dark past.

The film will star American cult favourite Lynn Lowry and feature a cameo from British film, stage and screen legend Dudley Sutton.

We plan to shoot the film on location, as close as possible to the sites of the actual historical events.

ripper tour 1 - New Short Takes The Ripper Tour

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