Killing Floor 2 Makes a Killing on Xbox One


Xbox One gamers, THE WAIT IS OVER! The gloriously gory goodness of Killing Floor 2 has finally invaded your console, and it brings with it exclusive content and more! Read on for the details.

From the Press Release:
Tripwire Interactive, in collaboration with Deep Silver and Iceberg Interactive, is pleased to announce that their hit co-op sci-fi horror FPS game KILLING FLOOR 2 is available now globally for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, for $39.99 (US) /£ 34.99 (UK) /€39.99 (EU).

The sequel to the 5+-million-unit-selling PC game Killing Floor, KILLING FLOOR 2 has already burned up the charts on the PC and PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system platforms, and the much anticipated arrival on Xbox One brings with it the full original game and all post-release content, including the previously released content packs – The Tropical Bash, The Descent and elements of The Summer Sideshow. And special for Xbox One players, brand new timed exclusive content and support for Mixer, the next gen streaming service that offers viewers real-time influence and participation in live game streams.

To celebrate the launch on Xbox One, the teams have released a fun new KILLING FLOOR 2 Twitter experience that anyone can jump into. To participate, players can simply follow @KillingFloor on Twitter and send a direct message to the account in order to start their experience!

KILLING FLOOR 2 will also support new features that take advantage of the Xbox One X, due out this November. An update for Xbox One X owners will be available at the platform launch and will include enhancements for 4k support, increased performance, high-resolution textures, shadow maps and increased shadow-fade-out distance.

“We’re excited to finally bring Killing Floor 2 to the Xbox One family of devices, including the Xbox One X this November,” said David Hensley, Game Director at Tripwire Interactive. “Xbox has a rich history of dynamic FPS franchises, and we’re thrilled to bring our game to their platform.”


Xbox One *Exclusive Content and Mixer support – Spray zeds with liquid nitrogen and shatter them to pieces with the Freezethrower, an Xbox One exclusive weapon for the Survivalist Perk. The Freezethrower comes with eight weapon skins to customize your weapon’s appearance. Also, you can sport the Wasteland Armor uniform, an Xbox One exclusive cosmetic outfit, with five different styles. KILLING FLOOR 2 includes all previously released content packs including The Tropical Bash and The Descent and elements of The Summer Sideshow including the Tragic Kingdom map, Weekly Outbreak Game Mode and 2 new weapons (HZ12 Shotgun & Centerfire Lever Action Rifle).

Survival Game Mode: Play Solo or Co-op with Up to 6 Players— In this game mode, up to six players team up against hordes of murderous AI controlled Zeds, ranging from the lowly clot to the massive fleshpound, through multiple waves of fire, blood, and gunfire. Each Zed killed earns players Dosh, which can be spent on weapon upgrades, ammo, and armor to keep the Zeds from ripping your guts out. Players who survive will face the boss behind the Zed outbreak and hopefully end it… or die trying.

Versus Survival Game Mode: Play PvP with Up to 12 Players – Be the Zed! In this game mode, two teams of up to six players take turns, one team playing humans and the other a mixture of specially modified Zeds backed up by AI controlled Zeds. Each match lasts until the human team is defeated or it defeats the boss, at which point the two teams switch sides and the battle continues. After each team has a turn playing both humans and Zeds, they both receive a score based on their performance and the higher score wins!

Visceral Gore – KILLING FLOOR 2 ramps up the gore with a proprietary, high-powered, persistent blood and gore system bringing new levels of fidelity and brutality. Players will send entrails, severed limbs, and blood flying as they wade through hordes of enemies.

Terrifying Zeds – Ranging from the lowly clot to the might of the cybernetically enhanced Patriarch, players will have to deal with a vast array of Zeds trying to kill them using advanced and deadly artificial intelligence. The Zed hordes unleash devastating, coordinated attacks to slaughter the players, pushing the challenge level and fear factor to new levels.

Unique Blend of Weaponry – From modern assault rifles and brutal improvised weapons to historical guns and off the wall “Mad Scientist” weapons, KILLING FLOOR 2 has a unique blend of slaughter tools that will satisfy any gamer.

Expanded Perk System – Players can select from ten different perks, each with its own skills, powers, and weapons, in addition to choosing from among a variety of playable characters with different appearances and personalities. All perks progress with meaningful talent choices that amplify different play styles, giving players a progression path that is expansive and full of rewarding milestones.

Brutal Melee Combat – Armed with everything from knives to exploding sledgehammers, KILLING FLOOR 2 lets you get up close and personal with your Zed killing. In addition to different weapon options, players have control over the type of melee attacks they can perform. This enables players to deliver bone-breaking overhand strikes, unleash head-popping side slashes, or parry the claws of berserk Zeds.

*Timed Exclusive: First exclusively available for the Xbox versions with content to follow on other platforms at a later date TBD

In KILLING FLOOR 2, players descend into continental Europe after it has been overrun by horrific, murderous clones called Zeds that were created by rogue elements of the Horzine Corporation. The Zed outbreak caused by Horzine’s failed experiments has quickly spread with unstoppable momentum, paralyzing the European Union. Only a month ago, the first Zed outbreak from the original KILLING FLOOR ripped through London; now the Zeds are everywhere. Civilization is in disarray, communication networks have failed, governments have collapsed, and military forces have been systematically eradicated. The people of Europe are now focused on self-preservation, the lucky few who survived having gone into hiding.

But not all have given up hope; a motley group of civilians, soldiers, and mercenaries have banded together to fight the Zed outbreaks from bases across Europe. When an outbreak is detected, the players are sent into Zed-laden hot zones to exterminate all threats using whatever means necessary. Welcome to the Killing Floor.

KILLING FLOOR 2 is developed and published by Tripwire Interactive and is published at retail by Deep Silver and Iceberg Interactive for the Xbox One, Xbox One X, PlayStation®4 Pro, PlayStation®4, and PC. This title has been rated M by the ESRB, PEGI 18, USK 18.

killing floor - Killing Floor 2 Makes a Killing on Xbox One

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