Exclusive: The Lure’s Mermaids Enchant Listeners With Their Song Abracadabra


Earlier this year, Janus Films released Agnieszka Smoczynska’s fantasy/horror musical The Lure. A dark coming-of-age film, it was recently announced to be one of the Criterion Collection releases that will be coming out this October. But before that release happens, Lakeshore Records is going to be releasing the soundtrack of the film this Friday and we’re here to give you a taste of what to expect with the premiere of “Abracadabra”!

The video is the full performance from the film where we see the two mermaid/cabaret singers performing to an audience that become entranced and hypnotized by the pulsating beats and sensual synth pads.

Smoczynska explains her approach to the film, saying, “The Lure is a genre hybrid: a love story, a musical, and a fantasy-horror reverie—in other words, an adult fairy tale. I was inspired by the kitschy world of big dance-hall parties from the Communist era, which came to a close when I was twelve years old.

The lost souls, the warm vodka, and the glamour amid poverty fueled my imagination and stirred my memories of the two restaurants my mother ran during this not-so-belle epoque.

The Lure is also a coming-of-age story about discovering your sexuality and femininity, and how these two things can sometimes be used for problematic purposes. The mermaids are not an end in themselves but a reflection of the eventual, painful discovery that adulthood is not all it seems.

As far as previous depictions of mermaids in popular culture, I was inspired much more by Homer and Hans Christian Andersen than by Walt Disney: my mermaids do not wear seashell bras but rather chew on human hearts.”

The Lure Original Motion Picture Soundtrack comes out digitally August 18th.

In this bold, genre-defying horror-musical mashup — the playful and confident debut of Polish director Agnieszka Smoczynska — a pair of carnivorous mermaid sisters are drawn ashore in an alternate ’80s Poland to explore the wonders and temptations of life on land. Their tantalizing siren songs and otherworldly aura make them overnight sensations as nightclub singers in the half-glam, half-decrepit fantasy world of Smoczynska’s imagining.

thelureostcover - Exclusive: The Lure's Mermaids Enchant Listeners With Their Song Abracadabra

thelureposter - Exclusive: The Lure's Mermaids Enchant Listeners With Their Song Abracadabra



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