The Outer Wild – Exclusive Poster Premiere

After winning acclaim and much festival play for his modern Frankenstein tale Subject Two in 2006, writer/director Philip Chidel has finally returned to the genre scene with ambitious post-apocalyptic thriller The Outer Wild. As he races to finish postproduction, Chidel gave Dread Central the scoop on the new film and unveiled the poster as an exclusive just for you!

The movie was made by the same team as Subject Two and is another rugged sci-fi adventure in the same vein,” says Chidel, who wrote, directed, edited and produced The Outer Wild.

The movie, which Chidel shot in Gunnison, Colorado, certainly sounds ambitious. Check out the official synopsis:

It is the future, and man is nearly extinct. The air has turned and a new breed of creature, mutated from man, now runs the earth. The people that do remain now live in the Colony, in the hopes of starting civilization anew. But first they must find a cure for the mutations that threaten their existence. To do that, they must experiment on a girl named Laura.

Rather than sacrifice herself for the greater good of others, Laura flees to seek a refuge that may not even exist—a fabled safe haven under a mysterious red star, where life can be as perfect as it should be. But to find that, she must brave a wilderness that’s infested with creatures both known and not. Laura is caught by the seasoned lawman Cole, who goes rogue to help her but might be driven by his own suspect agenda. Bound by an uneasy distrust, they must cross the outer wilderness together as they also avoid a rival lawman Ramson, who has dark reasons of his own to pursue them both.

Discovering the lands outside the Colony for the first time, Laura finds the world is nothing like she had been told and her fate is far from what she could have imagined. As morality seems to have been lost along with mankind in the crisis that had killed the earth, the lines between man and animal are now blurred, and Laura and Cole will wonder whether mankind is worth saving at all. The final test lies with Laura, where she is faced with a sacrifice of her own and a choice that will determine the fate of humanity at the end of the world.

Outer Wild 1 - The Outer Wild - Exclusive Poster Premiere

Outer Wild 2 - The Outer Wild - Exclusive Poster Premiere

Outer Wild 3 - The Outer Wild - Exclusive Poster Premiere

The Outer Wild stars Lauren McKnight (So Undercover) as the story’s heroine and Christian Oliver (Subject Two and “Sense8”) as the sympathetic bounty hunter. The movie costars Jeffrey Vincent Parise (The Love Witch), Tory Taranova (Everybody Wants Some), Jimmy Jean-Louis (“Heroes”), Dean Stapleton (also returning from Subject Two) and Zachary Roerig (“The Vampire Diaries,” Rings), who also served as an executive producer. Former Face Off contender Tommy Pietch created the film’s special makeup FX.

Chidel calls The Outer Wild a “genre-bending dramatic sci-fi,” and says such classics as Mad Max, Monsters and A Boy and His Dog inspired him on his latest cinematic journey. He says the movie “explores what it means to be human in an inhuman world, and examines the uniquely human choices that shape and define us in a fear-driven world.

We’re just about to start entering the festival and press circuit now,” notes Chidel, who will be launching The Outer Wild’s trailer shortly. Stay tuned for more details and check out the film’s official website here.

Outer Wild Poster - The Outer Wild - Exclusive Poster Premiere

Written by Tony Timpone

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