Oats Studios’ Latest Short Is as Horrifying as it Is Menacing


Oats Studios has released a 5-minute short titled Kapture: Fluke on its YouTube channel, and this one is a bit of a doozy. Whereas, the other shorts they’ve put out have married live action with CGI, this one is pure computer0generated imagery and looks like a cut scene out of a video game.

That they did it this way is the only comfort considering the subject matter, which revolves around a duo of military weapons developers who are ready to test their new product, a transmitter that allows complete and total control over an enemy combatant.

The horror behind this piece isn’t the nature of the weapon, although that’s scary enough as is; it’s the amount of power it enables the user to wield once implemented. The very thought of such a weapon is seriously unsettling; and the only relief, as I mentioned before, is that this is all CGI, which allows for a sense of disassociation.

To be honest, the short kinda reminds of the scene in District 9 where Wikus is forced to shoot prawn after prawn while he’s sobbing uncontrollably. The scientists don’t give a damn about life; they just care about better firepower. It’s a sickening scene then, and that same kind of sickness pervades throughout Fluke. However, I think that’s precisely what they were going for, so kudos?

You can see the short for yourself below.

oatskaptureflukebanner - Oats Studios' Latest Short Is as Horrifying as it Is Menacing

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