Interview With 7 From Etheria Director Anna Elizabeth James

With the recent release of 7 From Etheria just having occurred, we here at Dread Central wanted to speak with the wonderful ladies whose short films had been chosen to be showcased, and the first director we were lucky to chat with was Anna Elizabeth James. She was gracious enough to give us her take on what it meant to have her short film included in the movie, as well as what she’s working on down the road – so read on and enjoy!

DC: Can you give us a description of your short film that you’ve included into 7 From Etheria?

AJ: A boy and his mother fight for survival, trapped in the bleak underground world of “Zone 2.”

DC: What does it mean to you to have your film included alongside such talented female filmmakers?

AJ: This group is brave, fearless, persistent, and awe inspiring. I have no doubt all these women will be doing much more throughout their careers. It’s a tough journey, being on this ride, so to be alongside this list is humbling and motivating. I hope I can live up to what everyone else will be accomplishing! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us.

DC: Who are some of the people whose work you admire, or draw inspiration from?

AJ: Jane Campion, the “Piano”. When I experienced this film I was going through a rebirth in life and felt like someone knew me, knew my story in a similar way — as if she reached out and hugged me, and understood me. Stories from a different time and place, that shine a light on the same human experiences we are experiencing now, is one of the magical things about cinema. I definitely love Nora Ephron. She has a flare for the fantastical comedy with a bit of romance — all from the female perspective. Both of these women write and direct, something I hope I can continue to have the opportunity to do, that one of my pieces will impact other women, as their pieces have impacted me.

DC: Lastly, after the release of 7 From Etheria, what can your followers look forward to seeing from you in the future?

AJ: Ironically my first feature was a family film. I’m currently directing my second feature, also a family film … but my plan is direct a thriller this fall! It’s a new spin on a familiar genre, a small contained thriller called, “The Drop-Off”. I actually think I’m better at writing suspense versus straight family dramas, as I’ve always been drawn to those since childhood. I guess my ultimate dream/goal would be able to direct “Malificient 3,” ha, or an installment in a series like Harry Potter or Star Wars. All of these IP’s have great suspense, but are geared towards the whole family. Since I have four children of my own, I try to make it a priority to create content that is highly suspenseful and engaging for them too.

7 from Etheria

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