New “Vs.” Book on the Way – Zombies vs. Nazis: A Lost History of the Walking Dead

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Craving some brains? How about some laughs? You’ll find both in the upcoming novel Zombies vs. Nazis: A Lost History of the Walking Dead by Scott Kenemore. Look for it August 1st from Skyhorse Publishing.

zombiesvsnazis - New "Vs." Book on the Way - Zombies vs. Nazis: A Lost History of the Walking DeadFrom the Press Release:
Thought you were taught all there is to know about World War II in high school? Think again! In Zombies vs. Nazis: A Lost History of the Walking Dead by zombie expert Scott Kenemore, you will be bequeathed with historical information kept hush-hush and military tactics that will leave you in shock, drooling and glassy-eyed. Inside, Kenemore discloses a top secret collection of recently discovered letters from World War II that reveal little known, fascinating information on the infernal ties forged between the Nazis and the walking dead.

In Zombies vs. Nazis you can uncover for yourself the account of the Third Reich’s attempts to create an immortal army. They wanted their citizens’ military service — for life. But playing with forces beyond one’s control is never a good idea!

Get the inside scoop on historical events as the Nazis:

· Harness the power of Haitian Voodoo spirits to create zombies. If you learn anything from these documents, please let it be: Don’t try this at home!

· Encounter the deformed, mass-murdering automatons as they turn against their masters. Did you really think you could control a zombie? Regardless of your credentials, they will eat you.

· Finally determine how to kill a zombie — or rather, return it to the state of ordinary, inert corpse which won’t flaunt its decaying flesh in your face.

· And much, much more!

As the Nazis learned (the hard way!), in the quest for world domination, a zombie sidekick is probably not your best bet. Sure, they have a fierce growl, an unquenchable desire for live brains and the capability to tear your enemies to shreds. But if you think these bumbling carcasses are the most reliable weapons around, you might want to rethink.

Nazis prove to be a delicious addition to the dinner menu, according to their zombie subjects. These creatures are more frightening than any of the zombies reigned over by Béla Lugosi, less loveable than the seductive and sparkly Twilight vamp of your dreams and JUST AS REAL as the mermaids once mistaken to be manatees! Watch the atrocities pile up in a story of blood, brains and bullets. Zombies vs. Nazis is a story that will confront what you think you know is real and fascinate you along the way!

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