New Alice: Madness Returns Screenshots Reveal Her Hysteria!

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Oh, I get hysterical, hysteria. Oh, can you feel it, do you believe it? It’s such a magical mysteria. What? We’re not talking Def Leppard type “Hysteria”? Nope. What we have here is Alice: Madness Returns type “Hysteria”, similar to the feeling of super power players felt when using the “Rage Box” item in American McGee’s Alice. Check out some screenshots!

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Alice: Madness Returns, EA and Spicy Horse Games have released four all new screenshots demonstrating one of Alice’s more chaotic combat abilities – “Hysteria”, which acts as a conduit for Alice’s intense rage and desire to win against her psychological demons. The new mode offers players a powerful and bloody way to pull Alice back from the brink of death and lay waste to her enemies.

Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel to the 2000 PC hit American McGee’s Alice. A dark adaptation of the Alice in Wonderland fiction, Alice: Madness Returns finds an adult Alice returning to the Wonderland of her mind to find the truth about her past, only to discover that her place of refuge has been transformed into a sinister nightmare. As madness threatens to overcome both Alice and Wonderland, she falls deeper into the ravaged Wonderland and is granted powers and abilities to fight all enemies who stand before her. Designed with the same distinct vision of the original, but now featuring entirely new visuals, story and game design, Alice: Madness Returns will let players explore highly-detailed worlds and engage in epic battles against a cast of truly diabolical characters.

Alice: Madness Returns will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on June 14th. For more information on Alice: Madness Returns, please visit Alice and her madness online.

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