Exclusive: King Bach Brings Zombie Reality to Life in Dead House

deadhousebanner 750x422 - Exclusive: King Bach Brings Zombie Reality to Life in Dead House

Coming this Thursday to Kevin Hart’s LOL (Laugh Out Loud) platform, which is partnered with Lionsgate, will be King Bach’s new show “Dead House,” which follows a human that joins the cast of a reality show where four zombies have to live and cooperate in a single house. On top of Bach, the show also features comedians Emmanuel Hudson and D.C. Young Fly.

Talking about the Laugh Out Loud platform, Hart explains, “Funny has no color or gender. With our friends at Lionsgate, we are creating a global network that gives a platform to the next generation of diverse comedians from all over the world, of all ethnicities, to tell their stories. Our culture of comedy is unfiltered and inclusive. Most importantly, we exist to make the world laugh.”

To celebrate the launch, we’ve got a first look at the series as well as an interview with King Bach, both of which you can check out below!

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Dread Central: Let’s start at the beginning: Tell me about how “Dead House” went from an idea to something you actively began working on.
King Bach: I am constantly brainstorming ideas. This was one of my passion projects that I discussed with some of my friends. Everyone really gravitated to the idea, especially Kevin. We decided to move forward with the idea for his new platform.

DC: What was it about the story of “Dead House” that appealed to you and made you want to put your time and effort into it?
KB: Exploring the zombie world and combining it with comedy appealed to me.

DC: The worlds of horror and comedy often go hand-in-hand in magical ways. How do you balance having comedy in a world that is founded upon horror?
KB: All the great comedians found a way to make a hard situation very lighthearted and humorous.

DC: What does it mean for you to have “Dead House” be on Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud platform?
KB: Its great!

DC: What’s next for you now that “Dead House” is about to launch?
KB: I have a few upcoming movies, including Where’s the Money with Terry Cruz, Mike Epps, and Logan Paul. Just look out for my next projects! I am always creating.

Dead House Key Art - Exclusive: King Bach Brings Zombie Reality to Life in Dead House