Exclusive: Slasher Cinematic Universe Announced


Cinematic universes are all the rage right now, so we’re absolutely thrilled to reveal that filmmaker Conrad Faraj is overseeing the creation of a “Slasher Cinematic Universe” consisting of a series of films with interconnecting stories and characters. Read on for more details, including the first few titles.

From the Press Release:
Conrad Studios is planning to produce a series of slasher horror films with interconnecting storylines and characters, very similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is something that hasn’t been fully attempted in indie horror cinema, and we hope to achieve something that horror fans around the world can be proud of.

The first film in our slate is directed by Matthew Ward. The title is THE RAVE, and it begins shooting this fall. It is written by Ward, Brennan Eden, Conrad Faraj, and Roger Jones.

A group of friends are invited to a mysterious party in a small rural Kentucky town, only to be targeted by a mad clown-woman who goes by the name of Lola.

Statement from Director Matthew Ward:
Since I was a kid, horror films were always my go-to. I have always had respect and admiration for the classics, but slasher films are the ones that truly have my heart. I miss the fear that came with them. Michael, Jason, Leatherface and Chucky have become cinema icons. The Rave is going to be a callback to the slasher genre. In a generation full of paranormal, found footage, and gore films, this one will be rekindling an old flame with a new vision.

Next on our slate is THE RETROGRADE directed by Sean Keta and Jake Keta. This film, which is written by the Ketas and Conrad Faraj, will begin shooting in early 2018.

During a weekend of partying, two best friends consume a drug known as Psychedelic
Micro-Dreamer, which alters their reality and opens a portal for a group of time-bending
psycho slashers known as the Chromatic Sisters.

Statement from Directors Sean and Jake Keta:
The Retrograde will be our directorial debut, and we hope to achieve eye-popping vintage imagery and mind-bending storytelling like you’ve never seen before in indie horror. This film is the second installment in the Conrad Studios Slasher Horror Universe. We hope that our film will showcase horror in a whole new light, while intertwining the genre with psychedelic exploration and cerebral themes.

We are truly excited to be bringing all these visions to life. Additionally, two more films are expected for our 2018 slate including THE RAGE written and directed by Roger Jones and THE ROUGE written and directed by Conrad Faraj.


Conrad Faraj will be overseeing the creation of the Slasher Cinematic Universe. He will also direct The Rouge, one of the entries in the series.

Sean and Jake Keta will be directing The Retrograde, the second film in the Slasher Cinematic Universe.



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