The Incident Happened? Really?

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Way back in 2007 we reported on a flick called Incident at Sans Asylum. Time passed. Years went by. There was not a single solitary update to give. We assumed that the project went the way of the Dodo bird, but apparently it’s been made … and sold at Cannes.

That’s right, kids. The film from French director Alexandre Courtes, now known simply as The Incident, starring Rupert Evans (Hellboy), Kenny Doughty and Unax Ugalde, scored international distribution. According to Variety the Gallic distribution and international sales arm of France’s M6 broadcast network group has licensed key territories on the English-language thriller.

Koch Media in Germany and Showbox in U.K. have acquired the film, a SND-M6 co-production with Los Angeles-based producer Roy Lee. The Incident has also sold to Portugal (Lusomundo) and the Middle East (Gulf). Further territories — Brazil, Mexico — will close before market end, SND-M6 said.

The story tells of some aspiring musicians who are working as cooks at the insane asylum and become trapped there when a major thunderstorm hits. Apparently that’s the same time the inmates find their way out. And do you think the fact that they’re wannabe rock stars will somehow play into it? Like with a big musical number? One can only hope!

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