Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul Launch Trailer Delivers VR Chills


There’s no denying that the quality of the Paranormal Activity films decreased over time, but fans can look forward to the upcoming VR game Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, which will receive a full release on August 15 after spending a few months in Steam Early Access.

Developed and published by VRWERX, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul takes place within a semi-open world environment as you explore a huge house filled with vengeful spirits. In order to allow for a truly immersive experience, there’ll be no HUD or QuickTime events to take you out of the action. We also know that the full game will last for around 5 to 10 hours, so it already sounds like a more worthwhile purchase than most unforgivably short VR experiences.

In addition to Steam, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul will also be available on the Oculus Store and PS VR. Thanks to IGN, we’ve got a look at the super creepy launch trailer below.

Armed with a flashlight, you find yourself exploring what appears to be a quiet, average-looking home in a woodsy neighborhood. Before long you discover you’re not alone as you unravel the mystery of what’s gone on in this house and struggle to survive the terror that begins to hunt you.

This original story, based on the mythology of the massively popular PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film franchise, is built from the ground up for VR. You freely walk through the environment using Room Scale combined with our Immersive Movement Role-play System (IMRS). With zero onscreen directions or HUD in your face, you’re never taken out of the immersion all the while exploring the multiple floors of this massive nightmarish house.



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