summoningarthoriz - Horror Goes VR in Dekker Dreyer’s The Summoning

Horror Goes VR in Dekker Dreyer’s The Summoning

Clever Fox has announced that they will be debuting Dekker Dreyer’s interactive VR horror experience The Summoning as this year’s ScareLA.

Here’s how it works, from the official press release:
Releasing August 5th and 6th at the LA Convention Center The Summoning is a large scale interactive exhibit that begins by placing the audience into the role of urban explorers ghost-hunting in the sealed basement of a Hollywood Hotel. The experience is fully themed with period sets, lighting, projection effects, and an original synthwave score. The story continues as a limited collector’s edition box set of augmented reality prints and stories.

Dreyer is the chief creative officer of Clever Fox and has also horror-themed VR titles such as The Depths, Coyote, and Last Man Standing.

He explains, “VR and AR have been a pretty safe space for content and although it’s been embraced by myself and few other genre storytellers the landscape is still very much a marketing friendly landscape. With The Summoning I’ve created something that’s large scale and not tied to a film or TV series. That frees us to push creative limits that you have to fight to push when you’re creating something of this size. We’re expecting over ten thousand people to experience this over a weekend, which is massive for an original augmented reality experience. The dimension you look into on your smartphone is human-scale and very scary. We’re going to give a lot of people nightmares.

Tickets and information for ScareLA can be found here.

In the Summer of 1987 the followers of occultist Raphael Davidson went on a killing spree that stunned Hollywood. The murders lead authorities to the basement of the dilapidated Hotel Magnolia. When the police raided the hotel they were shocked to find no traces of the cult or its leader. It was as if they had vanished into thin air, but they left something in their place… something so terrifying that the city sealed the building.

You and your group of urban explorers are about to enter the basement of the Magnolia. Untouched for 30 years you’ll be the first people to document this forgotten crime scene. Using your smartphone to reveal a hidden dimension will you survive learning the secret of The Summoning?

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