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Event Report: Hudson Horror Show III: A Tale of Two Holocausts



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Upstate New York gorehounds are getting spoiled by Chris Alo, Tad Leger and Grindhouse Releasing, presenters of Hudson Horror Show III: A Tale of Two Holocausts. After two successful previous ventures, organizers welcomed their largest crowd thus far to the Silver Cinema in Poughkeepsie for a film festival featuring a quintet of classic movies and loads of rare, memorable trailers.

Festival-goers were treated to the 1980’s film Alligator, Dario Argento’s The Bird With the Crystal Plumage and a pair of holocaust titles, Cannibal Holocaust and Doctor Butcher, MD aka Zombi Holocaust. The main event of the day was a screening of The Return of the Living Dead, introduced to the audience by Alo with help from Dread Central’s own Doctor Gash. All the films were screened from 35mm prints. Nice.

In addition to the movies the event featured prize giveaways, and each of the five main films was preceded by classic trailers. Some of the notable ones were Phantasm (a crowd favorite), The Burning, Friday the 13th Part II and The Seven Doors of Death (aka The Beyond). There were literally dozens of old school trailers shown throughout the day, and the cheering audience devoured them like Ruggero Deodato’s cannibals in the day’s third film.

Event Report: Hudson Horror Show III: A Tale of Two Holocausts

“Things are going great,” Alo beamed when briefly pulled away from his organizational duties to talk with Dread Central. “This is the largest crowd we’ve ever had for a screening, and we’ve already booked the date and pre-sold some tickets for Hudson Horror Show IV.”

The next event will be held on December 3, 2011, and will feature The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Silent Night, Deadly Night (it will be the holiday season), The Beyond, Rolling Thunder and (get this one) The Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman.

Keep an eye on Hudson Horror Show website for more info.

Current plans are to hold the next event in the same theater, but it’s obvious that HHS has nearly grown out of its current location. And it’s not a surprise. Once true horror fans attend any of these events, they will be hooked. All the staples you need for an entertaining horror-themed day are there: great lineup of films, a knowledgeable audience who don’t mind showing their appreciation, vendors with rare and unique fare and a courteous staff that brings it all together (led by Alo’s enthusiastic personality). It’s an addictive event, and being so close to New York City’s huge fanbase, it’s just a matter of time before HHS explodes. Get your tickets for the next event soon.

Event Report: Hudson Horror Show III: A Tale of Two Holocausts

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