#SDCC17: Supernatural Invades Hall H with Kansas in Tow; Brings a Sizzle Reel and More Info on Wayward Sisters Spin-off


Hall H was filled with a lot of “rock star” type celebrities during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but “Supernatural” brought some actual rock stars along for their SDCC panel today… The band Kansas surprised those in attendance with a performance of the show’s unofficial theme song, “Carry on Wayward Son,” and you can check out the video below.

Things kicked off with a clip of stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles heading down to San Diego for Comic-Con. They cracked jokes and drove off, but as the screen went black, Kansas started playing the song on the Hall H stage. The crowd went nuts as the screens became a virtual scrapbook of the previous 12 seasons of the series.

Deadline also provided a few details of what transpired during the panel, which was moderated by “Supernatural” alumni Rob Benedict (Chuck/God) and Richard Speight, Jr. (The Trickster/Gabriel). They were joined by executive producers Bob Singer and Andrew Dabb plus Padalecki and Ackles. Shortly after, Misha Collins (Castiel) crashed the panel.

When asked what the brothers are going to do with Jack, the son of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) and Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford), Padalecki pointed out that he may be half Lucifer, but he is also half Kelly — which means he might not be all bad.

“Sam, ever the optimist, is trying to figure out the best thing to do,” said Padalecki, “while Dean is more of a shoot now, ask questions later guy.”

“It’s our version of hell’s My Two Dads,” Dabb explained.

And what about Mary, who went into the alternate dimension at the end of Season 12? Singer said, “Sam wants to find mom because he thinks she is still alive while Dean wants to move on. Spoiler alert: Mom is not dead.”

When asked who could come back to the series, given that there’s now a rift between worlds, Singer and Dabb stayed typically mum but did reveal that “the rift could open up the world to old characters coming back,” according to Dabb.  “Some people who are long dead in our world are not dead in apocalypse world.”

Now, as for the highly anticipated spin-off, “Wayward Sisters,” a few more details were revealed. Deadline learned that Briana Buckmaster, Kathryn Newton, and Katherine Ramdeen from the original series have closed deals to join the proposed spin-off, which is headed up by long-running fan favorite Kim Rhodes. Also cast in the project, which is being developed as a planted spin-off and will have a backdoor pilot airing as an episode of the series’ upcoming 13th season, is young actress Clark Backo (“Designated Survivor”), who would play a newly created character.

“Wayward Sisters” (named in part after the title of the Kansas song that opens every “Supernatural” finale, “Carry On Wayward Son”) will tell the story of Sheriff Jody Mills (Rhodes) and a group of troubled young women — all orphaned by supernatural tragedy. Under Mills’ training and protection, these “wayward sisters” emerge as a formidable force against the supernatural. Lending Jody a hand will be Sheriff Donna Hanscum (Buckmaster), a relative novice to the hunter’s life, but a close friend in whom Jody can confide.

SN1008a 0033b - #SDCC17: Supernatural Invades Hall H with Kansas in Tow; Brings a Sizzle Reel and More Info on Wayward Sisters Spin-off

Newton will reprise her role as orphan Claire Novak, who was introduced to the supernatural world when her father became the vessel for Castiel. Now a gifted hunter in her own right, she lives with Jody but rebels against her rules. Ramdeen is runaway Alex Jones, who was put in Jody’s care after she was rescued by the Winchesters from a family of vampires who used her as a lure for unsuspecting humans. Traumatized by the violence, she has resolved not to hunt… until a threat emerges in Sioux Falls that threatens her new family.

Newcomer Backo will play Patience Turner. A high school over-achiever, Patience’s life is turned upside down when she discovers she’s a powerful psychic, a gift she inherited from her estranged grandmother Missouri Moseley. Hunted by dark forces for her power, Patience finds refuge with Jody and her wayward family.

In addition, Loretta Devine, who played Moseley in a memorable appearance as a Winchester family friend and Kansas psychic in the Season 1 episode “Home,” will return to “Supernatural” for an episode in the upcoming season.

As reported previously, the spin-off hails from a quartet of “Supernatural” writers-producers: showrunners Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer as well as Phil Sgriccia and Robert Berens, all of whom will serve as exec producers.

“Supernatural” Season 13 premieres Thursday, October 12th, at 8/7c on The CW. Look for lots more soon!

supernatural generic - #SDCC17: Supernatural Invades Hall H with Kansas in Tow; Brings a Sizzle Reel and More Info on Wayward Sisters Spin-off



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