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The Karver Splatters Onto DVD



The Pumpkin Karver(click to see it bigger)I gave The Pumpkin Karver a miss based just on the art you can see to your left. Something about it made the film look like it wasn’t going to be all that great. Then there was a conflict in my brain after reading the synopsis: “Brother and sister Lynn (Amy Weber) and Jonathan Starks (Micheal Zara) attend a Halloween party together – that turns out to be one they will never forget. When Jonathan sees his beautiful sister being attacked by a pumpkin-masked assailant, he stabs the mysterious figure to death – before realizing the man behind the mask was in fact her mischievous boyfriend Alex playing an innocent prank.

A year later … Jonathan begins to have visions of Alex, back from the grave. An old, creepy pumpkin farmer begins to stalk Jonathan, convincing him his destiny is to become a CARVER: insisting that evil runs to his bones and that he must take on the role of the pumpkin-faced killer.

Pumpkin-faced killer? Stylized murders? How could you go wrong? According to Foy’s Pumpkin Karver review, it did; but if you DC readers from the U.K. want to make up your minds on your own, there is some good news today. We just got word that Revolver Entertainment will be distributing the Halloween themed slasher pic to U.K. horror fans on June 25th.

Details on the extra features were nowhere to be found in the press release or even on the film’s official site. After reading Foy’s review, I would not be surprised if the disc only comes with a few trailers as many films like this often do when they are put onto DVD. If we find out more, we’ll update.

Kryten Syxx

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