Silent Horror Films Whispering Shadows and The Devil’s Assistant Finally Coming To DVD

As a dedicated cinephile, it warms my heart to know that two classics of the silent era are finally coming to DVD. 1917’s The Devil’s Assistant and 1921’s Whispering Shadows will both be released for the first time on DVD with new scores created by composer Andrew E. Simpson. Support his campaign to restore the two films here.

The Devil’s Assistant was directed by Harry A. Pollard and tells the story of a jealous man who takes revenge on the woman who left him for someone else. The film notably includes a scene in Hell depicting a winged demon stirring a cauldron, as pictured below.

Whispering Shadows was directed by Emile Chautard and deals with the occult and messages from beyond the grave, with a young woman receiving messages from her deceased father to help her clear the name of her finance, who has been wrongly accused of embezzlement.

Both the films are largely unknown and are rarely talked about these days, so it’s about time they were given their dues before they were lost forever.

whispering shadows dvd 1 - Silent Horror Films Whispering Shadows and The Devil's Assistant Finally Coming To DVD