Horror History: Sam Raimi Defends Evil Dead 1 & 2 on British Television

It’s the bane of pretty much any horror fan to endure nervous looks from parents with their children when you’re wearing a horror t-shirt. Or how about when relatives “worry” about you because you enjoy genre movies? Or maybe it’s another reporter/politician/”expert” who talks about how horror, in any form, is the root of all bad things.

To this day, there are conflicting reports coming out about how violent video games can affect people. Some say that they increase violent thoughts and behaviors while others say they lower aggressive attitudes and can be seen as a form of catharsis. No matter what comes out, it seems that we horror fans are constantly going to be seen as worrisome.

I bring all this up because the arguments from those who think horror movies are in poor taste and only contribute to the negative aspects of society haven’t really changed. A perfect example of this is when writer/director/producer Sam Raimi appeared on the British talk show “Central Weekend” in the mid/late 1980’s to discuss the first two Evil Dead films. Raimi was, and there’s no other way to put it, accosted and bombarded by “experts” who claimed that horror films are essentially tools for generating aggression and violent thoughts. There were a few supporters in Raimi’s corner, but the offended and outraged tried quite often to speak above those with differing views in an effort to seemingly shut them down.

The segment can be seen below, but I have to warn you that it’s absolutely infuriating. I do have to give MAJOR props to Raimi for keeping his cool, speaking eloquently, and not letting them get under his skin. Also, I love that he managed to throw a few jokes and barbs in there. Just goes to show that Raimi’s love of horror has in no way compromised his sense of humor or wit.

Horror fans 1, scientists 0. Checkmate.

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