Web Series Horror Haiku Returns for Fifth Season

The YouTube horror series Horror Haiku is back for a fifth season, this time themed around a mysterious cult museum. Produced by Gene Blalock and Jhan Harp, Horror Haiku comes from Seraph Films.

The way the series works is people need to leave comments in the form of a creepy haiku on episodes. Then, some of those comments will be turned into an actual horror vignette.

You can see the first episode, “Last Rites”, below. The theme comes from Chloe Bishop’s following haiku:

Robes of black enshroud
A white mask hides a secret
They all obey him

If you want to watch the rest of the episodes, head on over to the Horror Haiku YouTube channel.

horrorhaikulastrites 1024x576 - Web Series Horror Haiku Returns for Fifth Season

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