The Soska Sisters Talk About Their Upcoming Rabid Remake

One of the more interesting bits of news that came out last year was the announcement that the Soska sisters, Jen and Sylvia, are going to direct a remake of David Cronenberg’s 1977 body horror film Rabid.

The duo recognized right away that being attached to a remake is going to get a lot of skeptical eyes thrown your way, which is why they stated, “It’s an honor to be involved in this love letter to his original, which we handle with the same respect as Paul Schrader’s Cat People, Alexandre Aja’s The Hills Have Eyes, and John Carpenter’s The Thing.

The original Rabid starred Marilyn Chambers, a well known porn star at the time, which gave the film a sense of notoriety. It followed Chambers, who played a woman that was injured in a motorcycle accident. She then underwent a surgical operation and developed a stinger that she used to feed on people’s blood — triggering an outbreak of a rabies-like epidemic that turned its victims into bloodthirsty zombies.

In a new interview with UK’s Horror Channel, the sisters discussed the status of the remake as well as what else is next for them.

Sylvia Soska explains:

We are very honored to have been the team chosen to take on the remake of Cronenberg’s Rabid. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of remakes but that’s if they don’t have anything new to bring to the story. We have a unique perspective just because of who we are to tell the story from Rose’s eyes as well as make a commentary on the increasingly rabid world that we live in. Also, we’ve been dying to get back into body horror. Ten years into David’s filmmaking career, he remade The Fly and it brought him to this new level. This is ten years into our career and this will be our first film that gets a wide theatrical release, so it feels like a good pairing. We just have to make sure we don’t let down our country, our fanbase, and our hero. No pressure.

Jen Soska adds:

Rabid! And sadly a bunch of stuff I can’t talk too much about. I will say that one of our original scripts has now gone into production and I’m really beside myself about it. It’s a dream I’d forgotten I’d even had. We wrote this particular script at the same time as American Mary and it’s maybe my favorite thing we’ve ever written. It’s a “fuck yeah” film so get stoked for that. We have quite a few films in production and Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack!, our (very) graphic novel that we’re doing with Daniel Way with artwork by Rob Dumo. It’s coming this summer, so grab that if you want to be horribly offended.

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