Monolith Trailer Is Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare


A new trailer for Ivan Silvestrini’s Monolith (review) has been released, and it showcases what is basically one of the greatest fears that a parent can have: not being able to be there for your child.

The trailer shows Katrina Bowden following her car’s GPS to a location in the middle of the desert, where she becomes locked out while her son remains in the car. She then attempts to get in by any means necessary, fighting off the scorching heat, local wildlife, and a car that has seemingly taken a page out of Maximum Overdrive.

Katrina Bowden, Brandon W. Jones, and Andrea Ellsworth star.

A mother and her son plan a surprise visit to Los Angeles to see her husband/his father. Halfway there they get into a terrible accident in the middle of nowhere and now must fight to survive.





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