Dark Screams: Volume Six Now Available for Pre-Order with Stories by Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, and More!

It was back in December of 2014 when the first Dark Screams horror eBook anthology was released, and now we have word on Volume Six, which is arriving April 25th.

Richard Chizmar and Brian James Freeman of Cemetery Dance Publications have once again joined forces with the cutting edge team at Hydra, a division of Random House, to produce five more volumes in their acclaimed Dark Screams series!

Each volume collects stories by the best authors working in the business today, and the newest addition to this landmark series is Dark Screams: Volume Six, which is now available for pre-order!

Dark Screams: Volume Six features:

“THE OLD DUDE’S TICKER” by Stephen King
Richard Drogan has been spooked ever since he came back from ‘Nam, but he’s no head case, dig? He just knows the old dude needs to die.

Even though she made her name revealing the private lives of the rich and famous, Sara Peck has no idea how deep their secrets really go… or the price they’ll pay to get what they desire.

“THE MANICURE” by Nell Quinn-Gibney
A trip to the nail salon is supposed to be relaxing. But as the demons of the past creep closer with every clip, even the most serene day of pampering can become a nightmare.

“THE COMFORTING VOICE” by Norman Prentiss
It’s a little strange how baby Lydia can only be soothed by her grandfather’s unnatural voice, ravaged by throat cancer. The weirdest part? What he’s saying is more disturbing than how he says it.

“THE SITUATIONS” by Joyce Carol Oates
There are certain lessons children must learn, rules they must follow, scars they must bear. No lesson is more important than this: Never question Daddy. Or else.

“THE CORPSE KING” by Tim Curran
Grave robbers Kearney and Clow keep one step ahead of the law as they ply their ghoulish trade, but there’s no outrunning a far more frightening enemy that hungers for the dead.

darkscreams6 - Dark Screams: Volume Six Now Available for Pre-Order with Stories by Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, and More!

Written by Debi Moore

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