The Funniest Ghost Video Ever in The Gasp Menagerie


I really hope this is it.

I really, deeply hope this video captures a real, honest-to-God ghost, and these two knuckleheads are narrating it.

If not, it’s still one of the funniest things you’ll see.

As discussed on the Brainwaves broadcast, this video is a few years old, and I’ve yet to find the original version.  What’s posted below is a good one without commentary that shows the entire thing.

What we have are a couple of gentlemen from “the hood” who are sitting on a balcony enjoying some… herbal recreation.  This balcony overlooks an old cemetery.  In this cemetery, a woman in white is traipsing around, downright frolicking at times.  She has no shoes, and at one point runs through the graveyard and slams her head onto a gravestone.

It’s right after this that recording begins.  I’ll just bring you the video now, with only the warning that this contains some very, very NSFW language.

Now, I don’t know if the pale girl seen by Boogie and Dee was a ghost or not.  What I do know is this is extremely weird behavior for a person who isn’t a goth.  Most importantly, it certainly shook up our drug-addled duo of commentators to extremely hilarious effect.

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