Lance Henriksen Wields the Needlestick on Blu-ray

needlestick poster 1 750x422 - Lance Henriksen Wields the Needlestick on Blu-ray

What do you get when you combine an awesome title, an awesome premise, and one of our favorite horror actors of all time? You get Needlestick (official website) starring Lance Henriksen, which hits Blu-Ray on February 21 (Amazon).

In Needlestick (I’m never gonna get tired of saying that), Henriksen plays a scientist who discovers the cure for mortality in the form of and enzyme extracted from the human heart, only there’s a catch: the subject needs to be alive at the time of the extraction. Sounds like that must be a real heart stopper.

Needlestick also stars Harry Lennix, Michael Traynor and Katie Savoy, and was directed by Steven Karageanes. Get a load of the bad-ass hand-painted poster below.

Needlestick is an intense horror-thriller independent feature film about medical innovation gone wrong, when research intended to help mankind leads down a dark path of obsession, desecration and death.

Intern Everett Barnard (Michael Traynor) comes back to South Union Cardiac Hospital to lobby for a residency position under his mentor, Dr. Alexander Crick (Lance Henriksen). He has a lot to learn, as his old flame nurse Marie (Katie Savoy) still resents how he dumped her, and his best friend Ginny (Alara Ceri) is the chief resident who makes him look bad after he messes up a cardiac code.

Unknown to Everett, Crick accidentally discovered an enzyme extracted from human hearts that reverses human aging–the cure for mortality! Crick has the support of his greedy CEO Ray LeGro (Harry Lennix) to continue harvesting more enzyme. The only problem? The heart must be frozen while the human subject is ALIVE (a procedure few insurance plans cover).

Crick tries to double-cross LeGro by getting the enzyme from a younger patient and planning to take it for himself. LeGro finds out, banishes him from the hospital and threatens to report him to authorities. Crick retreats to his secret underground lab to devise a plan to destroy the hospital, obtain enough enzyme for mass production, and eliminate his enemy. He enlists the help of his ambitious lab assistant Boris (Jack Noseworthy) and a mysterious hulking mute (George Pogacich) to lock down the hospital and trap the remaining patients as subjects.

Unknown to Crick, his plan also traps Everett. He copes with the simmering tension between Marie Ginny, while a suicidal dancer (Jordan Trovillion) lies bleeding to death after her open-heart incision reopens, all while escaping the hospital’s eminent destruction and stopping his mentor’s evil plan.


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