EFM 2017: Patrick Rea’s Arbor Demon Kicking Ass in Berlin

We’ve been touting the skills of filmmaker Patrick Rea for some time here around these parts, and now finally the rest of the world is catching on!

From the Press Release:
Film Mode Entertainment announces Gravitas has picked up the new horror-thriller ARBOR DEMON, from writer/director Patrick Rea (NAILBITER, TIME’S UP, EVE). The film is currently in release this month in the US and Canada in cinemas and across all platforms. The cast of ARBOR DEMON includes Jake Busey (IDENTITY, STARSHIP TROOPERS, ENEMY OF THE STATE), Fiona Dourif (CURSE OF CHUCKY, THE MASTER, FEAR CLINIC, THE MESSENGER), and Kevin Ryan (PADDY’S IN THE BOOT, “COPPER,” LAREDO). Veteran horror heavyweights producers Warren Ostergard (CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, FEAR CLINIC) and Marcel Sarmiento (DEADGIRL, V/H/S VIRAL) set the aggregate box office for the ARBOR DEMON team at over a hundred million dollars (US).

“Arbor Demon is one of those films horror lovers must see and won’t ever forget,” says Film Mode Entertainment’s President, Clay Epstein. “These filmmakers are masters at the art of terrifying throngs of horror fans. Arbor Demon is sure to be a success worldwide due to its universal theme of entrapment, and a wallop of an ending.”

ARBOR DEMON (formerly known as Enclosure [review]) has gained major audience and industry traction since it premiered in Cannes in 2016. The film has been invited to headline the top horror-thriller festivals across the world and has played to high acclaim in each, including but not limited to FrightFest London – World Premiere, St. Louis International Film Festival, New York City Horror Film Festival, and Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival.

ARBOR DEMON is about a woman with a dark secret who goes on a camping trip with her husband hoping the serene setting will help her summon the courage to confide in him. Before she is able, a group of nearby hunters are slaughtered by an unknown force. With a shapeless predator roaming the forest, the couple’s too terrified to emerge from their tent. Is the evil outside trying to get in, or is it something they have spawned from inside their enclosure?

Film Mode Entertainment is handling worldwide rights on the film and will be presenting the film for distributors at EFM in Berlin.

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