Website Opens for Dante Tomaselli’s Torture Chamber

Looking forward to Dante Tomaselli’s (Horror, Satan’s Playground) headsy new film, Torture Chamber? You should be. Tomaselli has demonstrated quite the eye for horror in his previous efforts, and this latest endeavor looks like his sickest yet!

The official Torture Chamber website opened its doors today, and though there’s not much on it right now, bookmark it and keep your eyes glued. From what we hear, lots of cool shit is on the way! In the interim dig on another couple of stills below.

The peaceful New England town of Smithville trembles in fear as Jimmy and his deadly young followers attack and abduct its residents — innocent and guilty alike — dragging their victims to an abandoned castle and subjecting them to grisly torments deep within its underground tunnels. Those who discover the terrible secret behind the disappearances and deaths don’t live long enough to tell it. The teacher, the doctor, even Jimmy’s own brother and mother will all confront their fates in the Torture Chamber.

With its mist-shrouded ambiance, Dante Tomaselli’s stylish Gothic horror production began principal photography May 18th, 2010 and finished June 9th. Shot in 19 days, the $200,000 independent film had locations in New Jersey and New York. Tomaselli’s feature was photographed on the RED in widescreen aspect ratio 2.35:1. The writer/director also designed the eerie electronic score. Torture Chamber stars Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos), Christie Sanford (Desecration), Lynn Lowry (The Crazies), and Ron Millkie (Friday the 13th). Tomaselli states, “You never know what’s around the next shadowy corner. There are trap doors that lead to the dungeon. Religious fanaticism…eternal damnation. This is a pure horror movie.”

tcn - Website Opens for Dante Tomaselli's Torture Chamber

tcn1 - Website Opens for Dante Tomaselli's Torture Chamber

tcn2 - Website Opens for Dante Tomaselli's Torture Chamber

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