World War Z Sequel Not Dead Yet; David Fincher STILL Wants to Direct for Paramount

Word came yesterday that Paramount has pushed both Friday the 13th and the World War Z sequel from its production schedule for 2017. While Jason’s still drowning in the lake, it sounds like the second film in the epic zombie franchise is still twitching!

THR is reporting that director David Fincher, who has been rumored to be considering the project, is still “very creatively interested in directing the movie,” says a source.

Insiders say the studio is now eyeing a 2018 or 2019 release date, even though it has yet to make a move to put the film back on the schedule.

The in-demand Fincher, who enjoys a close relationship with WWZ star Brad Pitt after having made a number of movies together including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Fight Club, was very much on board with a new take on the sequel from writer Dennis Kelly, creator of the buzzy British show “Utopia.” In fact, Fincher and Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn had been collaborating on a U.S. remake of “Utopia” for HBO before that series fell apart over budget issues.

The budget on World War Z 2 was not an issue, say insiders. Fincher was looking to make the film about a man and his family navigating a zombie apocalypse at a budget less than the original’s $190 million. But Paramount chief Brad Grey was not ready to greenlight the follow-up to the 2013 hit, which grossed $540 million worldwide.

Grey’s inaction has raised eyebrows in town considering Fincher’s pedigree as a director who could elevate the property well beyond a genre film. The studio even has a financial partner to mitigate the risk since Skydance Prods. is co-producing and co-financing the film.

He really would like to do it,” says a source of Fincher’s interest. “It’s up to Paramount.

Stay tuned, kids! Should it rise from the grave, we’ll let you know.

World War Z - World War Z Sequel Not Dead Yet; David Fincher STILL Wants to Direct for Paramount

Written by Steve Barton

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