Vote for the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards

Forget the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Emmys, and all those other mainstream awards shows. What we have here are the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards celebrating the very best films, actors, and moments the horror genre had to offer in 2010. Where else do breasts get their own category?!?

Below are the nominees and the podcasts sponsoring them. Click here or on the below graphic to cast your vote, and be sure to head back to on February 28th, 2011, for Splattercast #218, when the winners will be announced.

Good luck to all the nominees – and quite a worth group they are!

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Best Film presented by Cadaver Lab

* Dark and Stormy Night
* Frozen
* The Human Centipede
* Let Me In
* Piranha 3D
* Rec 2
* A Serbian Film
* Shutter Island
* Splice
* The Wolfman

Best Director presented by Horror Etc.

* Vincenzo Natali, Splice
* Adam Green, Frozen
* Srdjan Spasojevic, A Serbian Film
* Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza, Rec 2
* Chad Ferrin, Someone’s Knocking at the Door

Best Actor presented by Midnight Corey

* Dieter Laser, The Human Centipede
* Srdjan Todorovic, A Serbian Film
* Patrick Fabian, The Last Exorcism
* Thomas Huber, Grimm Love
* Casey Affleck, The Killer Inside Me

Best Actress presented by Zombiegrrlz

* Emma Bell, Frozen
* Sarah Polley, Splice
* Sophie Lowe, Road Kill
* Ashley Bell, The Last Exorcism
* Chloe Moretz, Let Me In

Achievement in Cinematography presented by Terror Transmission

* Robert Richardson, Shutter Island
* Shelley Johnson, The Wolfman
* Dennis Madden, The Reeds
* Greig Fraser, Let Me In
* Carl Robertson, Road Kill

Best Foreign Horror Film presented by Movies About Girls

* A Serbian Film
* The Human Centipede
* Rec 2
* Grimm Love
* Road Kill

Achievement in Makeup presented by FearShop

* Neighbor
* The Wolfman
* Night of the Demons
* The Walking Dead
* Hatchet II

Achievement in Visual Effects presented by The Horror Movie Show

* Shutter Island
* Splice
* Resident Evil: Afterlife
* Predators
* Rec 2

Best Screenplay (Original or Adapted) presented by It Came from the Basement

* Larry Blamire, Dark and Stormy Night
* Vincenzo Natali, Splice
* Travis Betz, Lo
* Adam Green, Frozen
* Christopher Smith, Triangle

Best Documentary presented by Drunken Zombie

* Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy
* Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue
* American Grindhouse
* Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation
* A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss

Achievement in Sound or Score presented by The Scare-ening

* The Crazies
* The Wolfman
* Shutter Island
* Devil
* Rec 2

Best Death Scene presented by Night of the Living Podcast

* Hair in the boat propeller, Piranha 3D
* Doggystyle Decapitation, A Serbian Film
* Bottle Rocket to the Face, Rec 2
* Lou Beats Amy to Death, The Killer Inside Me
* Table Stomp Head Slide, Hatchet II

Best Villain presented by Bloody Good Horror

* Dr. Heiter, The Human Centipede
* Trinity Killer, Dexter
* The Piranha’s, Piranha 3D
* Nature, Frozen
* Lou Ford, The Killer Inside Me

Achievement in Breasts presented by Dread Media

* Christina Ricci, After.Life
* Silvia Spross, Someone’s Knocking at the Door
* Kelly Brook, Piranha 3D
* Katy Marie Johnson, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams
* Roxanne Pallett, Lake Placid 3

Best No to Low Budget Indie presented by Motion Picture Massacre

* Dark and Stormy Night
* Lo
* Babysitter Wanted
* Dread
* Run! Bitch Run!

Scariest Scene or Moment presented by Mail Order Zombie

* Milos and his son, A Serbian Film
* Revealing the human centipede, The Human Centipede
* Crawling down the duct, Rec 2
* Surrounded by hungry wolves, Frozen
* Dren Rape, Splice

Best Horror Podcast presented by The Witch’s Hat

* Motion Picture Massacre
* Terror Transmission
* Horror Etc.
* Drunken Zombie
* Zombiegrrlz
* Cadaver Lab
* Night of the Living Podcast
* FearShop
* ScreamQueenz
* Bloody Good Horror

Scream Queen of the Year presented by ScreamQueenz

* Briana Evigan
* Amber Heard
* Tiffany Shepis
* Christa Campbell
* Diora Baird

Best Television Series presented by Just Another Fucking Movie Podcast

* True Blood
* Dexter
* Supernatural
* Scream Queens
* The Walking Dead

Best Horror Blog or Website presented by Horrorphilia

* The Horror Blog
* Retro Slashers
* The Vault of Horror
* Obscure Hollow
* Final Girl

Best Horror Video Game presented by Retro Flick Fillet

* Undead Redemption
* Splatterhouse
* Bioshock 2
* Heavy Rain
* Alan Wake

Achievement in Horror Design or Key Art presented by A Little Dead Podcast

* Dark and Stormy Night
* Giallo
* Frozen
* The Human Centipede
* True Blood

Best Audio Drama presented by 19 Nocturne Boulevard

* We’re Alive (Listen here)
* In the Gloaming: A Grave Mistake (Listen here)
* The Mask of Innana (Listen here)
* The Muse of Molly Malloy (Listen here)
* You’ve Got Dead On You (Listen here)

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