On the Streets Pimps, Prostitution, Yetis and Romance Collide


If you’re a fan of micro-budget trash, then you might have come across Yeti: A Love Story while raiding the internet’s murkiest corners for cinematic gems.  Released by Troma in 2006, the film follows five college students who go to the woods for a weekend of fun and fornication, only to stumble upon an evil cult and a gay horny yeti.

However, the yeti ain’t so bad after all, and a romance blossoms between the adorable abominable stud one of the male students, Adam (Adam Malamut). When it ended, we assumed they’d go on to live happily ever after… not quite.

And now they’re back with a sequel in Another Yeti A Love Story: Life On the Streets…

Our pals over at Blumhouse released the trailer for the latest installment of what is hopefully an ongoing franchise. The film, which is co-directed by Adam Deyoe and Eric Gosselin (Psycho Sleepover) and stars Whitney Moore (Birdemic 2) and Lloyd Kaufman (Slither), takes us to the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles where a pimp is planning to take over the world with his army of yeti hookers.  Meanwhile, Adam is now a single father to a baby yeti and in a relationship with a disabled man.  To pay the bills he has to dance in a diaper, but his troubles only intensify when his baby is kidnapped for the pimp’s apocalyptic regime.  It’s now up to Adam and his old drug addicted flame to team up, get the baby back and save the world.  There’s also a character called Sex Piss…

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie a while back, and it is as funny as it sounds (assuming you’re the type of person who finds the concept of a movie with the above synopsis funny anyway).  From the outlandish story to the witty script and the comedic prowess of the actors, this is rude, crude horror comedy at its most fun.  Co-writer Jim Martin would go on to write for the successful TV show “Heroes” after the original film, but this is better than “Heroes.”

For more info you can like the Facebook page and follow the Twitter page. Additionally, if you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone and want to believe in love again or if you’re trying to woo your significant other, you can pre-order Another Yeti A Love Story: Life On The Streets on iTunes here.




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