Exclusive: Emma Bell Talks Life on the Walking Dead


A quick warning for those who have not watched the show and intend to…there be spoilers ahead!! You’ve been warned. No really. We’re serious. Scout’s honor. No kidding around.

emmatwd - Exclusive: Emma Bell Talks Life on the Walking DeadDuring a recent set visit (more on that soon), we caught up with Emma Bell (whom Walking Deadies will instantly identify as Amy) and asked her about being one of the first major characters killed off on the show. With the whole world watching, it comes as no surprise that cast and crew on her new film tuned in for the bite heard round the world and delivered many a pat on the back for her performance.

When I originally booked the role, I didn’t know what I was booking because my character was called Girl at Camp,” Bell tells us. “When we shot it, I realized this is Amy, and having read the comic, I knew that she dies pretty early on…and they follow that pretty closely, but the show elaborates more on my relationship with my sister. So I KNEW that she was going to die. The lead up to it was pretty intense. Obviously not everyone has read the comic books so they don’t know, and the show really plays up me and my sister and our connection, our feelings about our family … our father … our mother.”

“In the episode … I think it comes out of nowhere because we’re eating all these fish we caught and drinking by the fire, and it’s all very safe and fun and beautiful. I go to use the bathroom, and on the way back I get attacked by zombies. Everyone gets attacked by zombies,” Bell continues. “What was really nice about the episode is they killed off two of us… me and Ed… but the comparison between the characters … Ed is NOT a very nice man who beats his wife, and there are allusions to him having a weird relationship with his daughter, which is creepy, so when HE dies, you almost want him to die. You’re like YEA! He’s getting bitten!! But when I die…hopefully…people are actually upset that I die so it almost made my death scene that much more tragic, to have this other death (as counterpoint).

I think we can all agree that this was a powerful death in the show, almost paled in comparison to the following episode in which Andrea sits by Amy’s side, waiting for her to rise so she is never alone and Amy ultimately dies again by her hand. Every week it seems the show creators are pushing the boundaries of what we thought we would be able to see on a basic cable channel, and I, for one, am applauding every moment.

Zombies on TV every week?! Welcome to the future!


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