Now on VOD: Blair Witch and The Snare


VOD/MOD has really changed the way we watch movies… now, with just a click of the remote/mouse, we can see all the newest movies, plus a wealth of library titles, instantly.  What’s new and horrorific for your viewing pleasure?  A couple of films arrived on VOD/MOD this week, and we have the info for you right here!

First up is Blair Witch (review), which simultaneously hit Blu-ray/DVD/Digital and VOD/MOD on January 3rd from Lionsgate.

From acclaimed filmmakers Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett (You’re Next), Blair Witch stars James Allen McCune (TV’s “The Walking Dead”), Callie Hernandez (La La Land), Brandon Scott (TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy”), Valorie Curry (American Pastoral), Corbin Reid (Words with Girls), and Wes Robinson (The Genius Code).

A group of college students venture into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to uncover the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of their friend’s sister, who many believe is connected to the legend of the Blair Witch. At first the group is hopeful, especially when a pair of locals offer to act as guides through the dark and winding woods; but as the endless night wears on, the group is visited by a menacing presence. Slowly they begin to realize the legend is all too real and more sinister than they could have imagined.

Blair Witch

Also available now is UK horror thriller The Snare, which Uncork’d Entertainment released on VOD yesterday and will screen in limited theaters beginning January 13th.

Writer/director C.A. Cooper’s unnerving film stars Eaoifa Forward, Dan Paton, and Rachel Warren.

Three friends head to the seafront for a drunken weekend, only to be imprisoned on the top floor of their holiday apartment by a malevolent paranormal force.



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