Say Hello to The Hollow Child

More spooky kid-driven mayhem is on its way with The Hollow Child (formerly The Hollow Ones, Hollow), and we have the official first trailer and artwork for you right here. Dig it!

Directed by Jeremy Lutter and starring Jessica McLeod, Hannah Cheramy, John Emmet Tracy, Jana Mitsoula, Genevieve Buechner, Connor Stanhope and Johannah Newmarch, The Hollow Child will be having its premiere at the Victoria Film Festival this February.

Samantha has lived her whole life in different foster homes. Now living in a small town, she never feels like she quite fits in, even with her own current foster family who might adopt her or the boy who follows her around doing her classwork. So, it’s perhaps natural that she doesn’t know what to do with a curious tagalong little sister named Olivia. One day Sam callously ditches Olivia, who wanders off into the woods on her own and disappears.

For three days police and panic set in on Sam’s home. And then Olivia returns unscathed as if nothing happened. It seems like a miracle until Sam starts to notice strange new things about her younger sister. Things nobody else seems to notice. Too scared to speak out of place, she doesn’t know what to do until she starts to learn that this has happened before.

The Hollow Child - Say Hello to The Hollow Child

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Written by Steve Barton

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