Furbies Get Their Own Horror Game with Tattletail

tattletail 1 750x403 - Furbies Get Their Own Horror Game with Tattletail

Fucking Furbies. Those damn talking soft toys were the stuff of nightmares. As a kid, I remember that even my dog would bark like crazy whenever one of those demonic little things opened its beak and said, in its creepy, evil voice “I love you”.

If the toys themselves didn’t have enough fuel for your nightmares, then you might be interested in the new game Tattletail, which is now available on Steam. Yup, the Furbies have now got their very own horror game, but obviously they can’t be referred to as Furbies due to copyright reasons. I also suggest that you don’t look directly into their eyes for too long, because in the immortal words of Sam Loomis, what lives behind those eyes is “purely and simply evil”.

And I can guarantee that the trailer below, which resembles an early ’90s  toy commercial, will give you the shits.

Who remembers Talking Tattletail? It was SO creepy, right??
There’s not much reference online but the original version, Mama Tattletail, was recalled years earlier… and I’m pretty sure I know why.

Tattletail is a short, story-driven first person horror game about everyone’s favorite talking toy from the 90’s. You opened your Tattletail before Christmas, and now he won’t stay in his box. Can you keep him out of trouble until Christmas day? Or will Mama Tattletail find her baby and hunt you down first? I heard she was recalled after she ate a kid’s eyes out. Just a rumor.

Obey Tattletail’s mischevious demands.

Feed, Brush, and Recharge Tattletail… or he’ll never shut up.

Shake your flashlight to charge it… but be careful. Someone might hear.

Do not wake up Mama Tattletail


This is our first game as Waygetter Electronics. We’d love to hear your feedback!!

Please report all sightings of Mama Tattletail to Waygetter Electronics

tattletail 1 - Furbies Get Their Own Horror Game with Tattletail