Werewolves Battle Demons in The Fallen – Book 2 of The Darkest Hand Trilogy


In The Fallen (Book 2 of Tarn Richardson’s The Darkest Hand Trilogy), war wages in a shadowy world between demons and werewolves. It arrives early next year; and we’ll be taking part in the author’s virtual tour in support of it.

To help get you ready for Richardson’s “imaginative and deftly told tale that’ll chill you to the core” (author Tim Lebbon), we have the early details and cover art to share.

Stay tuned for more, including a giveaway closer to the novel’s March 14th release from The Overlook Press.  Don’t want to wait? You can pre-order The Fallen now, and don’t worry if you’re not up-to-speed:  Book 1, The Damned, is scheduled to hit paperback on February 7th so that Richardson’s fans and first-time readers alike can discover the depths of this premier horror series. The synopses of both follow.

The Damned:
In an alternative World War I, unspeakable creatures roam the grisly trenches, and a ruthless Catholic Inquisition holds sway ― still powerful, but working in the shadows.

When a Father is brutally murdered in the French city of Arras, Poldeck Tacit – a determined and unhinged Inquisitor – arrives on the scene to investigate the crime. His mission: to protect the Church from those who would seek to destroy it, no matter what the cost. As the Inquisitor strives in vain to establish the truth behind the murder and to uncover the motives of other Vatican servants seeking to undermine him, a beautiful and spirited woman, Sandrine, warns British solider Henry Frost of a mutual foe even more terrible lurking beneath the killing fields: an enemy that answers to no human force and wreaks its havoc by the light of the moon.

Faced with impossible odds and struggling with his own demons, Tacit must battle the forces of evil – and a church determined at all costs to achieve its aims – to reach the heart of dark conspiracy that seeks to engulf the world, plunging it even deeper into conflict.

The Fallen:
The ongoing battle of a paranormal World War I threatens to engulf the Inquisition as dark forces assemble amongst the most fanatical servants of the Catholic Church.

Before his murder, a desperate priest sends a secret missive to his brother serving in the Italian Army. Now this young soldier carries with him a letter which holds the key as to why terrible Satanic rituals are being committed in the heart of the Vatican – and by whom. Drawn into this conspiracy and hunted by agents of The Darkest Hand, old rivals must unite to discover the contents of the letter before it’s too late.

Only Poldek Tacit, an Inquisitor, can hope to push back the forces of evil and unite those for good. But what happens when Tacit finds that his mission threatens the very future of a world already on the edge of the abyss?

thedamnedthefallen - Werewolves Battle Demons in The Fallen - Book 2 of The Darkest Hand Trilogy

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