2010 Moby Dick Trailer Not Your Grandfather’s Melville


I’m not sure what Herman Melville would think if he were alive today and saw the trailer for The Asylum’s 2010: Moby Dick. He’d probably be more upset to know that whaling is predominantly outlawed and frowned upon by modern society. He’d probably also be tickled to see the guy from MegaForce hamming it up as Captain Ahab.

The studio that has already given us mega sharks and mega piranhas is now giving us a mega whale, but don’t call this Mega Dick. 2010: Moby Dick transports Herman Melville’s timeless tale of revenge and man vs. nature to modern times by transforming the Great White Whale into a pissed-off prehistoric mega beast, Captain Ahab into a high tech submarine commander, and introduces a scientist named Dr. Michelle Herman played by Xena’s former sidekick Renee O’Connor to no doubt provide copious amounts of explanatory exposition in between whale attacks and Ahab outbursts.

The Asylum have just premiered the trailer and two things are for certain from watching it: Barry Bostwick as Captain Ahab is going for the gusto with his performance and that monstrous whale spends more time jumping out of the water than Free Willy.

2010: Moby Dick surfaces on DVD shelves November 23rd, a little more than a month before the film’s title becomes outdated.

2010 Moby Dick Trailer Not Your Grandfather's Melville

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