Colin Campbell’s New Short Emits The Sound of Fear


Colin Campbell is a name you should be familiar with as we brought his awesome short Girl at the Door to your attention a few years ago. Now we’re back with The Sound of Fear, an eight-minute sequence from a feature that he’s in the process of getting financed.

You can check out what Campbell has in store for us in his new action/suspense/horror film right here!

Written and directed by Colin Campbell, The Sound of Fear stars Sandra Mae Frank, Chiara Aurelia, Kimberly Atkinson, Derek Chariton, Joshua Dov, Joe Fria, and Rebecca Larsen. It’s produced by Elyse Katz and Campbell with cinematography by Andrew Aiello and music by Robert Gates.

In The Sound of Fear, a young deaf woman, Ivy, inadvertently witnesses a group of meth addicts kill a sheriff in a remote resort town. On the run, Ivy races through the empty streets looking for help. She finds a vacationing family and tries to get them to call the police, but they can’t understand her. The addicts burst in and kill the mom and dad. Ivy and the couple’s 13-year-old daughter, Molly, flee.

Ivy and Molly struggle to communicate and to stay one step ahead of the killers who are relentlessly hunting them down. At certain key moments, the film takes us into Ivy’s world, stripping away the sounds and plunging the audience into a terrifying silence. Ivy can’t hear them coming for her, but she’s resourceful and smart. She has to learn to use sounds against the killers if she wants to keep Molly and herself alive.

Frank, the critically acclaimed star of the Tony-nominated Broadway musical Spring Awakening, plays Ivy. Campbell tells us, “As a deaf actress, Sandra brings an authenticity to the role. She seizes the opportunity with a fierce passion and delivers a powerful performance; the audience can’t help but root for her. She is a powerhouse of an actress, a genuine Broadway star, but unknown in Hollywood because of a lack of opportunity for deaf actors.”

Along with the short, we’ve included an interview Campbell and Frank did with Tru Biz on the Sign Language Channel – dig in!

thesoundoffear - Colin Campbell's New Short Emits The Sound of Fear



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